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UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute

The leaders of eight industry organizations gathered on stage in Kansas City to share their cooperative vision for the future of the fire service
UL’s FSRI studies underscore the need for smart size-ups, quick thinking and aggressive action
Keith Stakes and Craig Weinschenk detail new FSRI research focused on search and rescue tactics in single-story single-family residential structures
The small above-the-stovetop unit can detect an uncontrolled cooking fire and deploy a proprietary liquid to extinguish the fire before it has time to spread
This new course shares tactical considerations from research that can be employed to minimize occupant and firefighter exposures
Dr. Daniel Madrzykowski and Peg Paul were among the honorees during the annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner in Washington, D.C.
UL FSRI’s research engineer was lauded for his passion for improving firefighter training and his ability to think creativity in building training programs
Fifty years after the pivotal report, there is clearly still work to be done and new challenges to address for future firefighters
Researchers around the world are independently working to solve the challenges firefighters face with electric vehicle fires, so why aren’t we sharing our findings?
The event underscored the need for additional research, plus enhanced training and situational awareness, related to this hazard
The course offers insights into how hazards develop during lithium-ion battery incidents, plus strategies firefighters can use to mitigate the risks
The video combines research footage with 3D modeling to show fire growth and spread throughout an apartment, the hallway and the stairwell
As so many of our challenges are not black or white, we must acknowledge the nuance and learn to make sound decisions amid ever-evolving scenarios
The videos, coupled with the institute’s annual survey findings, align with the start of Fire Prevention Month to encourage fire safe behaviors
You train for the rescue; train them to be rescued