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Li-ion battery fires: Barowy and Goldfeder tackle the ‘spaghetti’ of tactical considerations

Fire service leaders urge firefighters to get ready for this even-faster growing type of fire

“Just when I think I’m ready to handle any fire you throw my way, now this comes along.” Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder channels Al Pacino in “The Godfather” when discussing the complexities of lithium-ion battery fires with Adam Barowy, lead research engineer with UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute. Barowy and Goldfeder break down the science behind Li-ion batteries and what makes operational options so challenging to navigate.

The team digs into all these factors dominating ‘the lithium-ion years’:

  • The impact of various products on containing these fires;
  • The logistics of relocating the burning battery;
  • The questions we simply can’t answer yet – but that the FSRI team is actively studying; and
  • How secondary responders could be part of the solution.

Listen in for these moments:

  • “This fire does not require oxygen … you cannot get the cooling water where it needs to go – that’s the number one problem.” — Barowy
  • “The fire report reads, ‘Fire started Dec. 1; we returned to quarters New Year’s Eve.” — Goldfeder
  • “Start being ready for this even-faster-growing fire.” — Barowy

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