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8 great holiday videos from fire agencies in 2020

Firefighters put on dazzling light shows, host storytime, spread safety messages and save Christmas in these eight fantastic videos that spread holiday cheer


Photo/Hyde Park Fire Department

Firefighters are showing off their holiday spirit this month, setting up their Christmas trees, participating in station-decorating contests and connecting with their communities through social media in a time when many in-person festivities have been put on hold.

From timely safety messages and entertaining light shows, to sleigh rides and shenanigans with Santa Claus, firefighters made the most out of this holiday season in these eight great holiday videos from 2020.

1. Crook County (Ore.) Fire and Rescue - Holiday Light Show

Apparatus light shows are a fire station staple during the holiday season, and Crook County Fire and Rescue continued the tradition with this display timed to a violin rendition of the classic “Carol Of The Bells,” performed by Lindsey Stirling.[0]=AT1_C6BCoMwWebMWo-czIaLwoWQiV2VyvSOT5a9fi2XV3gMkrSbwM_im08n2Y8aiDiFEhHjY-LdTo-BclFHOtQKGhacSIaS5iEgOv2Hanp0accgusvKPbaEWlN6tPdNR4f4ZojM9gJB01qpwZYaRH7Ja6S_9CWhJjOeP

2. Quincy (Ill.) Fire Department - Christmas Storytime in American Sign Language

Virtual storytimes with firefighters were a hit in 2020, as fire departments sought to engage with kids in their communities despite school visits and field trips to fire stations being sidelined. The Quincy Fire Department continued its inclusive storytime series into December with Christmas-themed tales accompanied by American Sign Language interpretation.[0]=AZXRZBDddJFPFioYJkPXDvTSOm4Q0PDWZFu4R9YovkqzmgYPLINGE2yB3T4U-Y1anKQ3Il6RJ9HOcU_MvPMzyalTkHppVZKtWziHInvvOSH3gVRNz53n0eahf5438eEOz9oY4P88rF66EpNFOiSAiJfl

3. Sacramento (Calif.) Fire Department - Christmas Tree Safety

Demonstrations of turkey fryer disasters are popular in the lead-up to Thanksgiving and are quickly followed up by Christmas tree fire demos as a new hazard makes its way into Americans’ homes. The Sacramento Fire Department showed how quickly a Christmas tree can become engulfed and offered key tips to avoid catastrophe.

4. Spokane Valley (Wash.) Fire Department - Fake Tree Fire Hazards

The Spokane Valley Fire Department put on a tree burning demonstration of its own with an important takeaway - fake trees can catch fire too. While you don’t need to water a synthetic tree to keep it from drying out, it’s still essential to keep artificial foliage away from open flames and heat sources, and mind the usual electrical safety measures, no matter what type of tree you opt for.

5. FDNY - Holiday Safety with “Hot Dog” and “Siren”

The FDNY’s fire safety mascots made an appearance in this short video offering important advice for handling Hanukkah menorahs, Christmas candles and trees, as well as ensuring that smoke detectors are in working order for every occasion.

6. Hyde Park (N.Y.) Fire Department - Celebration of Lights

The Hyde Park Fire Department put on a special light show mixing apparatus lights with traditional Christmas lights for a dazzling display set to a compilation of songs. The video also features some dynamic camera work for a top-notch holiday production.

7. City of Davis (Calif.) Fire Department - Santa’s New Sleigh

The City of Davis Fire Department gave Santa Claus a gift of his own - a new ride to show around town, affixed to the top of a fire engine. The reindeers took a break as firefighters helped Santa spread holiday cheer throughout the community.

8. Fort Madison (Iowa) Fire Department - Firefighters Save Christmas

Old Saint Nick also made a stop in Fort Madison, Iowa, but things went awry when he collapsed at a local movie theater. Fortunately, Fort Madison firefighters rushed to his aid, administering “50 CCs of eggnog” and using a defibrillator to get Father Christmas back on his feet and ready to deliver gifts. A true Christmas miracle!

Editor’s note: Do you have a great holiday video from your agency you’d like to share? Feel free to send your festive photos and videos to, and have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and New Year!

Laura French is a former editorial assistant for FireRescue1 and EMS1, responsible for curating breaking news and other stories that impact first responders. In a prior role at Forensic Magazine, French was able to combine her interests in journalism, forensics and criminology. French has a bachelor’s degree in communications/journalism with a minor in criminology from Ramapo College in New Jersey.