Fla. firefighter apologizes for social media joke about shooting

Fire engineer Pat Schneider replied to an Instragram post about a drive-by shooting, saying “About time, Jesus it's been weeks since we had a good shooting”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A firefighter apologized after making a joke about a shooting that injured six people.

News 4 Jax reported that Jacksonville Fire and Rescue engineer Pat Schneider replied to an Instagram post about a drive-by shooting, saying “About time, Jesus it's been weeks since we had a good shooting. #gottakeepthatstreetcred.”

Schneider was issued a letter of reprimand after the comment, which was later deleted.

He issued an apology letter to Chief Kurt Wilson.

“I whole heartily apologize for my social media post, which was not intended to be sincere,” Schneider said. “My satire was not conveyed through the post the way I intended, and I offended numerous people. My intention was to show my frustration with the continued violence in the city that I serve. I have responded to these exact types of calls, and know firsthand the type of stress and pressure it puts on the city’s first responders.”

“In the end, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims of this heinous crime and any other victims of senseless crimes in our great city."

Jacksonville Association of Firefighters president Randy Wyse said that while Schneider did not express his frustration with the frequency of shootings appropriately, many first responders feel the same way.

"When you are responding to these kind of calls day in and day out, that frustration builds and that stress builds," Wyse said. "This is just something that – he wishes he could take it back. Obviously, he knows it wasn’t the right thing to do."

Wyse added the Schneider is a great firefighter and has learned his lesson.


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