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Police: Ind. firefighter stabbed in the face by patient

A patient allegedly rushed at Evansville firefighters arriving on scene, stabbing one in the face before being wrestled to the ground


Members of the Evansville Fire Department were first on scene of a man reportedly not breathing, when he attacked firefighters at the door.


By Rachel Engel

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A man was arrested after police say he stabbed a firefighter in the face on Saturday.

Members of the Evansville Fire Department were first on the scene of a man reportedly not breathing, according to 14 news. As firefighters approached the home, they heard a “very disturbing scream” from inside the residence.

Opening the door, crewmembers announced their presence, and a man wielding a large kitchen knife stabbed one of the EFD firefighters in the face.

The man, identified as John Deer, allegedly charged at the firefighter again, but the firefighter was able to avoid the attack and wrestled Deer to the ground, detaining him until police arrived and took him into custody.

In a statement, Deer’s girlfriend told police she had administered two rounds of Narcan because he was not breathing and not responding to CPR. She also told police Deer had attacked her and his 86-year-old grandfather after the Narcan was administered.

Deer was transported to the hospital, before later being transferred to Vanderburgh County Correction Center. He faces one count of battery.