Gunman demands tools from DC firefighter in apparatus

The would-be robber saw chainsaws but fled the scene without taking anything

By Janelle Foskett

A would-be robber pulled a gun on a DC Fire and EMS firefighter on Wednesday, demanding tools but ultimately fled the scene empty-handed.

ABC7 reported that the robber confronted a Truck 16 firefighter while the rest of the crew was inside an apartment building tending to a water leak.

In radio traffic posted by STATter911, a member of the Truck 16 crew radioed that the crew had taken refuge inside the building to which they were called, adding: “Our technicians are outside in the vehicle. They have a gun pulled on them by another citizen who approached the truck.”

Fox5 reported that the gunman wanted a specific tool, but the “driver opened door with saws and in less than a minute the gunman ran off with nothing.”


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