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IAFC partners with ERSI on database tracking highway struck-by incidents

The IAFC joins ERSI’s work to collect as much data as possible with the aim of reducing the number of secondary crashes and struck-by incidents at emergency scenes


The struck-by website accepts reports from all roadway responders — not just EMS providers, police officers and firefighters.

By FireRescue1 staff

WASHINGTON — The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) on Wednesday announced its partnership with the Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI) and other public safety groups to support a new nationwide database to collect detailed information about incidents on the roadway where emergency responders or their equipment were struck by a vehicle while operating at a scene.

ERSI launched the platform earlier this year to gather such information from first responders. The goal is to track and analyze the data, understand why and how the incidents occur, and help prevent future incidents.

The struck-by website accepts reports from all roadway responders, including firefighters, EMS providers, police officers, departments of transportation, public works and tow truck operators. Any first responder involved in an incident can make a report.

Struck-by incidents of any type can be reported, such as those that result in death, injury or property damage.

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