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Do your job as a driver or passenger

Simple actions every engineer should observe to avoid and survive a collision


Four Colorado firefighters were injured when their fire apparatus collided with another vehicle.

Photo/Aurora FD Facebook

Fire apparatus spend countless hours each year traveling among incidents, transporting critical water, equipment and, most importantly, firefighters.

Following are actions for every engineer to observe to avoid and survive a collision.

Do your job as a driver or passenger

New England Patriots Football Coach Bill Belichick has this expectation of his players: Do your job. Your job as an engineer and passenger includes these fundamentals:

  • Wearing your seatbelt. Always.
  • Operating at speeds safe for road conditions.
  • Never being distracted by a smartphone, a radio, an MDT or food as you drive.
  • Keeping your eyes on the road and mirrors.
  • Assessing hazards and anticipating how you will respond to a dynamic operating environment.

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