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The wildfire topic provides resources to help you protect the growing population living in wildland fire areas.

Residents of Stinnett returned after evacuating to find charred homes, dead livestock
The Smokehouse Fire has burned 1,300 square miles and crossed into Oklahoma
Several wildfires across the panhandle have forced evacuations, cut off power and destroyed several structures
Refugio Jimenez Jr. will serve one year for causing the El Dorado Fire that killed Big Bear Hotshot Charles Morton
Gary Stephen Maynard admitted to setting fires behind firefighters fighting the Dixie Fire and setting other wildfires
Dispatchers overwhelmed by initial fire calls were inundated by calls looking for missing persons, trapped tourists
Verdict is the latest in proceedings against the utility PacifiCorp
Benjamin Cunha pleaded not guilty to charges related to improvised explosive devices in El Dorado County and Sacramento County
Horse owners worry about what will happen during the next wildfire as service faces dwindling membership
Officials purchased two Firehawks and are waiting on the delivery of the first one in 2024
Sharlene Rabang is the 100th victim of the deadly Lahaina wildfire
The first of seven C-130’s could be in service by the end of 2024
The pair allegedly schemed to rig contract prices and coordinate bids
Chromium 6, or hexavalent chromium, is found to be amplified by fuel, plant types and transformed during fires
Major responses, award and honors, conflicts overseas, devastating wildfires and e-Bike blazes made headlines
Officials warn that the ash and dust from wildfire that killed 100 people in Lahaina is toxic
FireRescue1’s newest board members share personal passions and insights about what’s to come in the new year
The weather freed up resources across the state, meaning more crews were able to prepare for fires and respond when they ignited, keeping the numbers small
Fire Department Superintendent Roman Nelson said firefighters lack the basics for fighting recent swamp fires, wildfires
Three Maui County departments failed to meet deadlines for providing information from the Aug. 8 wildfires that killed 100, left 7, 500 homeless
The visit comes after firefighters responded to fires across Maui, Oahu and Hawaii island for a week, despite hopes that the rainy season would tame the flames
Other possible causes, such as campfires, target shooters, smoking, debris burning and vehicles, were rejected, a CAL FIRE peace officer said
Intterra, the national leader in situational awareness software for fire first responders releases a new product to manage and track community wildfire risk & resilience efforts
An increased number of fires revealed an insufficient number of wildland-trained firefighters
Beneficiaries will receive payments as early as April to June of next year
Cameras used by the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority will rely on AI to spot wildfires
Wildfire survivors have different paths of recovery after blaze destroyed the town of Paradise