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Fire Rehab
Fire Rehab

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It is more important to know firefighters' physical abilities each year than at the beginning of their careers. Full Story

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Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter

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The fire rehab topic aims to educate firefighters about the importance of rehabilitation and features a host of news, tips and exclusive training articles to help you and your department implement successful rehab programs. It also covers the threats posed by heat exhaustion, dehydration, and cyanide and carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as the latest products on the market that can assist fire departments in helping firefighter stay safer.

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Mike McEvoy
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Get Ready to Chill in '09

The year began with the usual repertoire of promised doom and gloom for EMS. There was the imminent horrific carnage of an inevitable bird flu pandemic, terrorist attacks lurking around every corner (using,  ... Full Story

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Fire Rehab
Treating Heat Injuries - 1983
Masimo at EMS Today 2008

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