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Ill. fire chief successfully runs 2 fire departments -

The Reporter Online

OAK LAWN, Ill. — George Sheets will be going back to being a fire chief in just one community in the coming months.

Fire Chief George Sheets' double-duty ...

How fire instructors can teach modern adults -

Company officers and instructors are faced with meeting the training needs of a multi-generational and culturally diverse firefighting work force.

Firefighter psychology, adult-learning ...

How to prevent firefighters from making negative headlines -

Bad behavior and social media has landed many firefighters in hot water.

Within the past week, a firefighter in Miss. posted a

3 lessons from a Confederate flag-flying fire truck -

The recent killing of nine parishioners at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, S.C. sparked a national discussion over the historic and symbolic ...

Fire Chief Digital: Extinguishing firefighter burnout, why civilian fire boards don't work, and more -

Welcome to the second edition of the Fire Chief Digital Edition, a quarterly supplement ...

3 ways fire chiefs can salvage their careers -

Humans have an amazing capacity to do monumental things, and that includes royally screwing up.

So, let's assume you've executed a grand career-crusher move. Like an Olympic ...

5 fire department self-inflected wounds -

By Glenn Gaines

There are conditions outside the department or organization that can adversely impact the ability of a department to fulfill its mission and grow. Economic downturns, ...

How fire departments went from volunteer to career -

On April 10, 1845, Pittsburgh's volunteer firefighters had an abundance of spirit. But as fire companies, they were unprepared to face the most disastrous fire in the city's history.

Despite ...

Hiring firefighters: Is their online history fair game? -

A college student gets very drunk at a party and posts a video to Vine. A young woman tweets a racial joke. A young man makes explicit claims of sexual conquests on Facebook.

Should ...

Case study: What fire chiefs must know about CNG trucks -

In recent months, several organizations have brought the growing issue of alternative fueled vehicles to the attention of the fire service. One such program is the NFPA's "

Report: Resigned fire chief took $62K from city -

By Steven Penn
The Hendricks County Flyer

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — In October, Speedway Fire Department Chief Mark Watson resigned without explanation, prompting confusion ...

Maine firefighters stay put after threatening to quit -

Bangor Daily News

HOWLAND, Maine — After a new town manager was hired late last month, some local firefighters threatened to quit, but the town’s fire department ...

Supreme Court upholds ACA: What it means for the fire service -

By Porter R. Welch

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in King vs. Burwell. This long-awaited decision is the second case involving the Patient ...

5 things a company fire officer should never say -

There is no shortage of cringe-worthy things we've heard and said. The things we say reflect what we are thinking. It may be only what we are thinking at the moment and not represent our ...

Fire chief debate: Book smarts vs street smarts -

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

It really doesn't matter which you think is right, there will be someone who will argue the opposite. It's one of the oldest ...

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