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Fire trucks, flags and the law -

Coming at a time when we are raw from its association as a symbol of hate in the massacre of nine worshippers at a historic South Carolina Church, discussions about the history, meaning and ...

7 steps to better firefighter safety -

By Kenn Fontenot, NVFC

The fire service is constantly addressing the issue of safety in order to reduce line-of-duty deaths and ...

5 ways to prepare for an active shooter -

The events in Douglas County Oregon reminded me that no one is immune to acts of violence: no town is too small, or too remote or too sleepy to eliminate the possibility of tragedy paying ...

Video: Ky. female fire chief on bias, accomplishments -


HARLAN, Ky. — Fewer than 4 percent of all firefighters are women, according to the National Fire Protection Association, and even fewer are leaders in the industry.

But ...

Probe finds 'lapses' in how police handled asst. fire chief -

By Rachael Lowe
The State 

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A Columbia Police Department investigation into an incident involving the Irmo assistant fire chief Sept. 19 has ...

Firefighters, flip remarks and public trust -

I recently witnessed the following exchange outside of a fire station.

Three firefighters, including an officer, were standing on the front ramp at the station when a woman who was ...

Chief offers to cut own salary to keep 2 firefighters -


HOLMEN, Wis. — It's budget season, and there is a big debate surrounding the Holmen Area Fire Department.

The department responds to calls in Holmen, ...

Minn. city council votes to drop full-time firefighters -

Brainerd Dispatch

BAINERD, Minn. — The Brainerd City Council Monday night approved a resolution restructuring the Brainerd Fire Department from a mix of full-time ...

Fire chief jujitsu for media management -

In the most recent Fire Chief newsletter, Linda Willing wrote ...

The problem with fire boards -

A generation ago, the civilian oversight provided by a fire board was an effective model for administering fire protection. But as communities grew, a lack of fire service insight became their ...

Expert panel: Can too much training be bad? -

Training teaches what operations does, and operations does what training teaches. That was the slogan for the Chesterfield County (Va.) Fire and EMS Department's training and safety division. ...

What recruiting experts can teach fire chiefs -

By Cathy Sivak

Unless you've been asleep for the past decade, you've been beat over the head with the fact that the number of volunteer firefighters is steadily dwindling. ...

Fla. fire chief fired after 'no confidence' vote -

Orlando Sentinel

FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. — Fruitland Park Fire Chief George Fernandez was fired by city officials after fellow firefighters handed in a letter to the city, detailing ...

Conn. deputy fire chief suspended 15 days without pay -

Conn. deputy fire chief suspended 15 days without pay -

The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD, Conn. — Deputy Fire Chief James McLoughlin has been suspended for 15 days without pay by fire officials who said he endangered firefighters under ...

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