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Anatomy of fireground decision-making -

Most fireground dangers fall into the category of being expected, or at least known about in advance. When a threat is expected, it can be guarded against to a certain extent; although anticipating ...

Is Narcan turning firefighters from helpers to haters? -

By Dan Limmer

Few things have caused as much recent conversation in EMS as the use of Narcan. This lifesaving medication is quickly losing its wonder drug status. Many EMS providers ...

4 initial fire attack missteps -

Every department has its own idea of how to best approach the initial fire attack. Call it fast interior or offensive, arrival on scene begins with the implementation of apparatus and crew.

Regardless ...

New Conn. fire chief sworn in, pledges to 'straighten out' dept. -

The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD, Conn. — There are no family pictures on the desk and no diplomas hanging from the walls yet, but Hartford's new fire chief has more pressing ...

How to really address problem firefighters -

Last year I attended a conference workshop on how to manage difficult employees. The workshop was aimed at fire service first line supervisors and above, and was taught by a high-ranking officer ...

Fire Chief Digital: Why firefighters commit suicide, fixing PTSD in the fire service and more -

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Fire Chief Digital Edition, a quarterly supplement to 

Philly mayor still searching for new fire commish -

Philadelphia Daily News

PHILADELPHIA — When it came time to build his administration last fall, Mayor Kenney didn't hesitate to turn to some familiar faces.

Richard ...

Fire Capt., employee investigated for false accusation against cop -

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A fire captain and fire department employee face an internal investigation after a their false report claimed a police officer created a sense of fear and cussed ...

DC fire chief working to overhaul troubled agency -

WASHINGTON — D.C. Fire Chief Gregory Dean is ramping up his efforts to overhaul the long-troubled fire department.

Report: Culture change needed after fire capt. falls through roof -

FRESNO, Calif. — The Fresno (Calif.) Fire Department released a 274-page report nearly a year after Captain Pete Dern fell through the roof of a burning home.

Take the long view on firefighter training -

New police officers in Montgomery, Ala., experience a kind of training not seen in most cities around the country.

The course is titled "Policing in a Historic City: Civil Rights ...

4 ways fire chiefs can communicate with foreign-language public -

By Christopher Divver

On Aug. 11, 2000 President Clinton signed Executive Order 13166, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency." The ...

Veteran firefighter becomes Md. city's first black fire chief -


HAGERSTOWN, Md. — The first African-American fire chief in the history of Washington County is getting his start at the Mt. Aetna Volunteer Fire Department.

The ...

8 characteristics all fire chiefs must have -

My Fire Chief colleague, Billy Hayes, ...

Fire chiefs and wisely chosen battles -

Anyone who has raised children learned quickly that some rules are nonnegotiable. The use of seatbelts in vehicles is a good example.

Yet few of us respond well to dictatorship-style ...

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