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Toledo fire chief: 'I won't resign' -

The Blade

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Fire Chief Luis Santiago said he will not follow the firefighter union’s call for his resignation after its members voted "no confidence" in ...

SF fire chief turns down job in London -

San Francisco Chronicle

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White won’t be saying "cheerio" to San Francisco in favor of London after ...

A fire chief's big mouth can crush his career -

"You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They ...

What fire chiefs gain from reverse mentoring -

Most people are familiar with the concept of mentoring. This is a practice where older, more experienced people in an organization provide guidance and counsel to younger, less experienced ...

Did brawling firefighters kill urban volunteer depts? -

Ideas and information influence our thinking, inform our decision-making and sometimes lead us to try new ways of doing things. Knowing something about volunteer firefighting's history ...

Keys to creating top-performing fire departments -

By Glenn Gaines

It is a hot Sunday afternoon and the suburban fire and rescue department that provides a four-tiered EMS system is being inundated with request for EMS assistance. ...

Toledo fire chief facing 'no confidence' vote -

Toledo fire chief facing 'no confidence' vote -

The Blade

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo's fire chief said Tuesday that he will continue to focus on running the department despite a pending no-confidence vote presented to union ...

NM fire chiefs could be fired after fighting at work -

D.C.'s embattled 911 center director resigns -
Jennifer Green submitted her resignation after criticism following the Metro smoke incident in January

D.C.'s embattled 911 center director resigns -

WASHINGTON — The director of D.C.'s 911 center has stepped down after criticism following the Metro smoke incident in January.

Basement fires: 3 fires, 5 lessons -

Recently, I was sitting in the office of Colerain Township (Ohio) Assistant Fire Chief Allen Walls when we began to discuss basement and below-grade fires. Every year it seems that across ...

Tackling Fire Service Suicide: A Reality Check -

By Todd LeDuc

The Tampa 2 Summit demonstrated that we've made many inroads on the firefighter health and wellness front. However, much works remains to be done. Behavioral health ...

Terrorism & Homeland Security: Do You See What I See? -

By Kathleen Stanley

According to the National Fire Incident Reporting Systems, fire departments across the country are being dispatched on more than 30 million emergency requests ...

Fire & Life Safety: Firefighter and Public Safety in the Built Environment -

By Adolf Zubia

The International Code Council's (ICC) Fire Code Action Committee (CAC) is active with code change proposals for the 2018 edition of the I-Codes.

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