Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents
Mass Casualty Incidents

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Featured Mass Casualty Incidents Story

Asst. Chief John Hansen: "Our firefighters are having to crawl over corpses in areas to get to people that are still alive." Full Story

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As the military saying goes, "Prior planning prevents poor performance." This phrase can be applied to preparing for mass casualty incidents. Check this page for articles and resources on ensuring you and your department are ready for the unexpected, as well as the latest updates on major incidents in the United States and across the world.

Featured Mass Casualty Incidents Column

Bruce Hensler

A Shared History

Will they remember the 343?

A historian's look at how the future will view one of America's darkest moments. Full Story

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Mass Casualty Incidents
Lone bagpiper for fallen West firefighters
Giant crane catches fire atop university

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