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Since the Defense Department published performance specifications for PFAS-free foams in January, this may be the year when airports start making the switch
San Diego firefighters said an exterior laptop battery pack caught fire in the cabin; four people were hospitalized after the flight was evacuated
“We ended up transporting approximately 42 individuals and several pets from that area,” said Miami-Dade Lt. Alex Acosta
Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue firefighters doused the RED Air Flight 203 fire with foam
The agency wants to cutback on the foam in an effort to limit how much of the chemicals go into the environment
Firefighting foam is blamed for PFAS pollution in one airport-adjacent area that has registered two violations this year
Moore Fire Department Lt. Alex Meron and Paramedic Chelsee Meron found the man pulseless in the baggage claim area
Fire/EMS and law enforcement personnel worked together to bring the organs and doctors to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital amid gridlocked traffic
Firefighter Richard Ziegler, 83, rescued 12 people from the wreckage of Mohawk Airlines Flight 121
The airport crash truck uses Purple K chemical to suppress a raging underground fire that burned for hours
The Federal Aviation Administration plans to fine the city for reported violations involving three airport firefighters including one who allegedly falsified training logs
The whistleblower said the agency has refused to send the unused masks to first responders and healthcare workers
The Ohio fire chief was absent without leave on two separate days
Members of Terre Haute Regional Airport’s board of directors said the facility would improve business and help serve the city’s east side
The FAA launched an investigation into allegations of “unqualified CFD personnel manning” specialized rigs that are mandated at airports
Officials state that bringing ARFF in-house means it eliminates expenses currently paid by the airport authority
Thousands of holiday travelers were forced to leave their gates and gather at security checkpoints
Terry Andres, 62, was traveling with his wife on vacation when he was shot
The gunman was taken into custody after throwing his empty weapon down and lying spread-eagle on the ground, one witness said
Fire and EMS agencies responded to 230 wounded and 41 dead in the shooting and bombing attack
The plane was delayed 10 hours and the entire incident delayed 30 flights
The lawsuit accuses officials of gross negligence, carelessness and failure to properly advise others of the time and location of the drill
They were driving behind the bus when it crashed near O’Hare Airport; 4 were seriously injured
Veteran firefighter Mitchell Ow is awake and breathing on his own after overturning a rig on an airport tarmac
Veteran firefighter Mitchell Ow, 55, was not thrown from the vehicle, but sustained major injuries