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Plane Crash

The plane did not collide with any other vehicles when it crashed, but an unoccupied vehicle nearby caught fire as a result of the crash
FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb details the response to American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed in Queens just 2 months after 9/11
Fire and EMS personnel in Spartanburg County rescued two people in plane crash
“We were expecting the worst but no one’s injured,” Police Chief James White said
According to Care Flight, all aboard died, including the pilot, the flight nurse, the flight paramedic, the patient and a member of the patient’s family
The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Lihue Airport on Kauai Island in Hawaii
Montgomery County crews faced a complex and dangerous scene with a plane entangled in power lines dangling 100 feet above the ground
The single-engine aircraft was ensnared about 100 feet off the ground, and the rescuers used a crane
Dallas Fire-Rescue crews responded to the aircraft fire and said no one on the ground was injured
Vanessa Bryant’s attorneys say a sheriff’s deputy led Brian Jordan around to take site photos; the former captain and his lawyer cited stress and trauma
L.A. County lawyers argued first responders working the scene needed the photos, and officials took swift action after learning some photos had been shared
Citizens in a private boat helped the injured pilot get to shore
Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue firefighters doused the RED Air Flight 203 fire with foam
Firefighters put out the flames and rescued the trapped and injured people; the five survivors were transported to hospitals
Video: Coast Guard, plus 9 fire, EMS agencies respond near the eastern shore boundary of Virginia and Maryland