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Swift Water Rescue

Divers from multiple agencies are using sonar and infrared technology in the search for survivors
Firefighters faced numerous water rescues, evacuations as storm system soaked state
The fire rescue boat will further support and advance the fire service and EMS response missions of Norfolk Fire-Rescue
Lodi firefighters used a high-water rescue vehicle to reach at least 11 people trapped by flooding
The man was rescued 4 miles from where he first called rescuers and spent over an hour in the water, Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue said
Officials in Leominster said residents near a dam should “immediately evacuate” as a precaution
The Category 3 storm struck an area still dealing with damage from Hurricane Ian last year
Friendship Fire Company Diving-Rescue Unit recently completed search and rescue training with two new drones
SAR crews from North Carolina, Michigan and Connecticut were among those helping to get to towns that have been unreachable
A worker in Omaha fell into a manhole and was swept away for a mile before being rescued
Clifton firefighters were trapped in the Passaic River after their fireboat went over the falls
We work until all options are exhausted, on the fireground and at the depths of the ocean
Banks County Fire & EMS colleagues said Ritchie Alford spotted two swimmers in the rip current and went in to save them
USFS Firefighter JT Sohr used his rafting gear to save a 91-year-old man trapped inside his car
The victim drives the rescue. Your crews’ capabilities dictate the operation.
Attorney General Merrick Garland said the recipients showed “extraordinary valor” above and beyond the call of duty
Edgewater crewmembers used an inflatable rescue boat to retrieve the boys
ATCEMS performed multiple water rescues, and a volunteer firefighter in Oklahoma activated tornado warning sirens
After crewmembers decided conditions were too risky to use a boat, they set up a ladder to reach the victims
A helicopter crew grabbed the man, hoisted him up and transported him to a hospital
Monterey County Undersheriff Keith Boyd said 20-40 people remained trapped near the Salinas River as roads were impassible
Crews from Orange and Monterey counties have been evacuating and extracting people and their pets
Coast Guard and San Diego Fire-Rescue crews recovered the bodies of eight adults, but fog hampered the search for other victims
Video: In one Ventura County FD response, a firefighter was lowered from a helicopter via a cable to the roof of a stranded driver’s car
Westmont first responders found Matt Heiden unresponsive; EMS providers performed CPR and transported him to a hospital
Crewmembers have endured nonstop days and received thanks while using “all of your skill set of everything that you’ve learned and prepared for”
Lompoc firefighters rescued all three of them, and EMS transported the mother and child to a hospital
The Ventura County Fire Department crewmembers used a helicopter and a ladder to help the residents of an encampment