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A trailblazing memoir from Clare Frank, California’s first (and only) female chief of fire protection
FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Frank Leeb details the response to American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed in Queens just 2 months after 9/11
What happens when the sights, sounds and smells from tragedy become too much to bear
Bobbie Scopa describes a humorous incident that took place while working a wildland fire
Jeremy Norton’s memoir captures the personal toll the job exacts, as well as the unique perspective afforded by sustained direct encounters with the sick, the dying and the dead
An inside look at the intense world of trail “dogging” and wildland firefighting
Exploring the dynamics of leading in the firehouse, personal responsibility, customer service, mental health and more
Retired Captain Cindie Schooner-Ball offers readers a woman’s perspective on working in this male-dominated profession
Ruby has been assigned to Minneapolis Fire Station 7 for three months when she finally responds to her first house fire
Lt. Douglas Brown uses fiction and inspiration from Dickens’ classic novella to spotlight first responder PTSD
A novel by Lindy Bell inspired by the true-life story of firefighter occupational cancer and the people it hurts
Assistant Chief Steve Serbic shares his story of seeking counseling after a series of traumatic calls
Learning to coach yourself and create habits for success are critical early steps so you can better manage your members
Learn the Zen-like techniques to stay grounded while navigating danger and comforting others
Tips, ideas and tricks of the trade that experienced firefighters have shared to help others become better and safer firefighters