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The Columbia River Fire District and the firefighters’ union must rework salaries and wage scale information
Central County Fire and Rescue Firefighter David Horning was fired two years before his retirement while he was pursuing a light-duty assignment
The union for Wichita firefighters claims dispatchers did not relay information about where the victim was trapped
About 200 unionized employees haven’t gotten the $3,000 stipend because of a disagreement with the district over the benefit’s value
The Montville firefighters union president says data on staffing, overtime, mutual aid requests can show the need to hire more firefighters
A physician for Pasco County never saw Firefighter William Hammond, or his medical records, and claimed the cancer was not aggressive
Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh’s administration planned to have a hearing officer rule, in public, on discipline instead of an arbitration process
The IAFC president – the “chief of chiefs” – surrounds himself with passionate people who support the mission and the organization
Earlier arbitration ruled that Montville could not staff its firehouse with just one firefighter
“If you think the internet has been harsh on him, just wait until he returns to work,” the Vacaville firefighters’ union post stated
Firefighters said the parking passes and discounts were an employment attraction
Leaders, we must stay focused the myriad issues impacting our membership, even those that can feel distant from day-to-day operations
Salem officials had challenged whether Firefighter Maurice Stadeli’s cancer was occupational
The temporary pay raise created in 2021 for Department of the Interior firefighters is scheduled to end on Sept. 30
Members of the Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters Association learned about research into lung cancer varieties