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Bills highlight the violent line-of-duty death of FDNY EMS Capt. Alison Russo-Elling
Santee residents are promoting a measure to gain $5.6M annually to build and staff two new fire stations
Bill moves to create a database on violations stemming from a 2014 fire that killed Lieutenant Edward Walsh, Firefighter Michael Kennedy
The Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission members detail recommendations for a Senate committee
Latest round of canceled debt applies to over 77,000 borrowers
The Lyme Affordable Housing Commission unveiled a plan to buy property near the firehouse to create housing for volunteer firefighters
Voters in Harristown approved increases that will be used for recruitment and retention, and equipment upgrades
After the LODDs in Burnsville, Bayport officials agreed to first responders asking for the lowering of the U.S. flag for future statewide mourning
Firefighters rescued a little black bear in the wake of fires in the Capitan Mountains in 1950
Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn reversed course after appointing herself as head of the department in latest confrontation with union
Medford firefighters’ union filed a lawsuit to collect backpay after mayor claims firefighters organized a mass sickout
In testimony before a House subcommittee, one fire chief stated the training alone will cost fire departments billions
The Firefighters Association of the State of New York president said the safety-focused changes will “dramatically change the face of the fire service”
Greensburg officials allow city workers, who are volunteer firefighters, to respond to calls during workdays
Members of Congress are urged to sign a letter that would include AFG and SAFER in an upcoming “must pass” funding bill
Gov. Maura Healey had cut earmarks to fire departments in 33 cities, towns including Boston
Democrat-backed bill lowers maximum pension retirement age from 60 to 55
Bill would allow consumption of psychedelic mushrooms under professional supervision by a licensed therapist
The message: Authorize full funding for the USFA plus the AFG and SAFER grant programs
Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott opposes to going to a firefighter-based EMS model
Deputy Chief Julie O’Berg had already planned to retire in 2024 before a change in city leadership led her to be picked for the interim spot
Trump delivered pizzas to members of the Waukee Fire Department a day ahead of Iowa’s presidential caucuses
The FireRescue1 community considers what is driving high stress and staffing challenges
California public pension money has become the economic lifeblood in the Boise suburb of Eagle
Cleveland Fire Department Captain James Sample died by suicide after struggling with PTSD
Members of Local 1426 have presented several grievances about Fairfield Fire Chief Denis McCarthy
Firefighters across the state are asking Boston legislators to put aside political differences and accept federal funding
Consolidation tied to property tax relief is being reviewed for possible constitutional violation