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New contract would relinquish sovereign immunity for San Diego County tribal fire departments
The FDNY has recorded 243 fires, 124 injuries and 17 deaths related to lithium-ion batteries in 2023
About 200 unionized employees haven’t gotten the $3,000 stipend because of a disagreement with the district over the benefit’s value
Yakima County Fire District will use funds for firehouse expansions, a new dispatch center and apparatus
Two House bills tackle membership, participation in hate groups and new public expressions of hate
Goshen city leaders approved raises after an independent study reviewed municipal jobs
Leadership in the Office of State Fire Marshal is caught in an squabble over legislation about changes in the fire marshal’s office
When it comes to planning and politics, not every action must have an equal and opposite reaction
The Mobile Fire Department has begun providing ambulance service to approximately 20,000 new residents after a referendum on the annexation
Centre County Public Safety Training Center’s expansion highlights the growing education of first responders
A bipartisan provision in the 2024 defense spending bill calls for the Air Force to deliver the tankers - converted or not
With program “sunset” on the horizon, National Advisory Council members converge to call on Congress to take action for America’s fire service
Chester County commissioners approved a property tax rebate for members of fire and EMS departments
Lancaster County commissioners hope municipalities do the same to support first responders
Don’t assume residents know what your department does; spell it out and explain how additional funding would positively impact community members