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Community Awareness

An idea from Minnesota Valley Transit Authority CEO Luther Wynder to show support on transit buses snowballed into a larger show of support
Greensburg officials allow city workers, who are volunteer firefighters, to respond to calls during workdays
CAL FIRE Chief Joe Tyler criticized the series “Fire Country” as a misrepresentation of the department, loaded with inaccuracies
11 people were displaced in the latest fire in Lawrence that involved illegal apartments in the basement, attic
A step-by-step look at how to extinguish a grease fire to share with your community
Colorado Springs firefighters quickly extinguished a fire on the second floor involving an electric scooter
Prevention, increased demands and community awareness are what the Woodland Fire Department will address over five years
Yakima County Fire District will use funds for firehouse expansions, a new dispatch center and apparatus
The St. Joseph Fire Department is working with high schools and a new college campus to present a career in fire, EMS
The Office of Inspector General investigation discovered $8.5M misspent in bonuses, parties, personal expenses in Jefferson Parish
Orange County officials shut down local schools after testing found high levels of asbestos, lead, arsenic, and nickel
West Deer Township residents approved a fire tax change from flat fee to millage rate
Voters in Auburn approved funding that would relocate a ladder truck and provide decontamination and training space
RAA’s Mark Tenia shares advice for connecting your messaging with your audience to promote community support
Don’t assume residents know what your department does; spell it out and explain how additional funding would positively impact community members