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Female Firefighters

Participants learn a variety of skills to expose them to the fire service and build confidence
Female firefighters explained how gear designed for men increases their risk of being burned, slows their movements
“I’m still pretty badass at 75, but I wish I had done it sooner,” Mary Jarschke said as she prepares to graduate as a volunteer firefighter
Calley Thierfelder joined the Northville Volunteer Fire Department and the New Milford Junior Police Cadets
Samantha Briggs was a firefighter in England, started her CrossFit career at 31, and became a Hamilton firefighter at 40
Deputy Chief Julie O’Berg had already planned to retire in 2024 before a change in city leadership led her to be picked for the interim spot
Allingtown Firefighter Samantha Trayer brings her experience as a therapist to a more hands-on job
The low number of female firefighters has led the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to use a more standardized, widely used physical exam
Cleveland updated its physical agility test in 2020 following the government’s findings of long-standing discrimination against women in the fire department
It’s important to connect with your fellow firefighters, get involved in training, and avoid silos
Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires
“During the moment, we didn’t notice that we were all females,” Firefighter Stover said. “We just looked at each other as our crew for the night”
“HERo Fire Camp” in Marin County offered two days of hands-on experience for young women interested in the fire service
The Sisters in Fire program allows young women to learn about wildland firefighting and test their skills in a prescribed burn
Captain Barbara Hack is suing the City of Topeka over her claim that she was passed over for promotions due to being a woman