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Female Firefighters

Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires
“During the moment, we didn’t notice that we were all females,” Firefighter Stover said. “We just looked at each other as our crew for the night”
“HERo Fire Camp” in Marin County offered two days of hands-on experience for young women interested in the fire service
The Sisters in Fire program allows young women to learn about wildland firefighting and test their skills in a prescribed burn
Captain Barbara Hack is suing the City of Topeka over her claim that she was passed over for promotions due to being a woman
Oakmont Assistant Borough Manager Phyllis J. Anderson said the addition of new firefighters has led to an order for more equipment
Female Baltimore County firefighters were the subject of online photo sharing and postings on a revenge porn social media site
Officials say the 2023 class of probationary firefighters reflects increasing diversity in the department
SAFER grants, youth outreach and marketing are leveraged to help FDs answer calls
An attorney for St. Petersburg Fire Chief Jim Large said the allegations are politically motivated
Through a partnership with the Girl Scouts of America, Camp Fury is igniting a passion for public safety and emergency services among young girls
Firefighter Kathryn Johnson settled into the normal life of firefighting after two World Cups and the 2016 Olympics
Before she could even speak the language after immigrating to America, the wife of the junior Pennsylvania senator dreamed of joining the fire service
Encouraged to join the department by a group she now leads, Wilson hopes to elevate the role of diversity in hiring practices
Michael Washington claims he was not given prior notice of his firing or an opportunity to respond to any complaints