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Female Firefighters

Female firefighters comprise approximately 9% of the firefighting workforce, creating unique challenges and opportunities for the women who join the ranks to serve their communities. The Female Firefighters resource page covers an array of news related to women in the fire service, including promotions and other career triumphs, as well as information about standards and policies to create more equitable and inclusive spaces for women. Hear from female firefighters of all ranks about their experiences, from serving on the front lines of the firefight to leading fire departments and fire service organizations.

Twin Cities Female Firefighter Fitness was created to encourage women to consider a career in firefighting
Amid repeated setbacks and naysayers attitudes, I pushed forward to achieve my fire department dream
Properly fitting pants, coats and boots are essential for firefighter safety and performance
Colleen Windsor claimed the Orange County Fire Authority had a “well-documented history of chauvinism and misogyny”
Find the perfect blend of protection, durability and comfort tailored to your unique needs as a female first responder
Former Easthampton Firefighter was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years probation
Fire Chief
Baltimore County Fire Chief Joanne Rund led the department through the pandemic and collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge
The HERo’s Girl’s Fire Camp in Solano County empowers young women to consider a career in fire, EMS
Spokane Fire Chief Julie O’Berg lists improving firefighter mental health, wellnes as an initial objective
Pine Hill Fire Department Chief Jessica Calandra looks at recruitment, morale and EMS challenges in the community
The Fairfax County (Virginia) firefighter-paramedic talks crew bonding, firefighter reproductive health, and banishing ego to create space for vulnerable conversations
“What I’ve found is we’re all treated as equals here— it doesn’t matter how young or old you are —you’re a firefighter,” Cheat Lake VFD Firefighter Peggy Paulick said
Erin and Ashley Lucas are the only set of twins on the staff of the Lexington Fire Department, and they said that sometimes makes work a little more interesting
Marking the 50th anniversary of her historic hiring, Brewer reflects on her career and the challenges and joys of breaking the fire service glass ceiling
During a month dedicated to recognizing the experiences, nuance and unique perspective women provide, FireRescue1 takes a look at how women have impacted the fire service
Survey finds 86% of female firefighters had been assaulted or know someone else who had been assaulted during fire/EMS work
The HERo Girls Fire Camp empowers young women through hands-on experiences
Participants learn a variety of skills to expose them to the fire service and build confidence
Female firefighters explained how gear designed for men increases their risk of being burned, slows their movements
“I’m still pretty badass at 75, but I wish I had done it sooner,” Mary Jarschke said as she prepares to graduate as a volunteer firefighter
Calley Thierfelder joined the Northville Volunteer Fire Department and the New Milford Junior Police Cadets
Samantha Briggs was a firefighter in England, started her CrossFit career at 31, and became a Hamilton firefighter at 40
Deputy Chief Julie O’Berg had already planned to retire in 2024 before a change in city leadership led her to be picked for the interim spot
Allingtown Firefighter Samantha Trayer brings her experience as a therapist to a more hands-on job
The low number of female firefighters has led the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to use a more standardized, widely used physical exam
Cleveland updated its physical agility test in 2020 following the government’s findings of long-standing discrimination against women in the fire department
It’s important to connect with your fellow firefighters, get involved in training, and avoid silos
Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires