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‘I don’t like close games; I like blowouts’: Nicol Juratovac talks aggressive fire attack

The San Francisco assistant chief shares tactical tips for dominating the fire so it has no chance of victory

The best words San Francisco Assistant Chief Nicol Juratovac heard when she got on the job 27 years ago were “interior offensive aggressive attack” – and she’s still advancing that mindset to her crews and students today. As she explains on this week’s podcast, when it comes to fireground tactics, Juratovac wants to dominate and smash the enemy (aka fire) with so much force that it has no chance of victory – and she does that by being a student of the game day in and day out, honing her skills on everything from incident command and apparatus positioning to forcible entry and roof operations. Juratovac shares tactical tips on all of the above, plus we dig into all this:

  • Three fires that produced important lessons learned
  • How she’s become the “master of her own destiny” at scenes
  • Generational differences in learning the craft
  • Why she advises firefighters and officers to not get “too cute” on the fireground

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