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An idea from Minnesota Valley Transit Authority CEO Luther Wynder to show support on transit buses snowballed into a larger show of support
Greensburg officials allow city workers, who are volunteer firefighters, to respond to calls during workdays
Mehlville Fire District in St. Louis County is the only firehouse in the state to have a baby box
CAL FIRE Chief Joe Tyler criticized the series “Fire Country” as a misrepresentation of the department, loaded with inaccuracies
11 people were displaced in the latest fire in Lawrence that involved illegal apartments in the basement, attic
CEO Showoutt stated he had permission to film the video inside Raleigh Fire Station 12
‘Ashes’ will help Roseville first responders deal with stress and assist with community outreach
St. George firefighters used extrication tools to free the deer trapped between two posts as other deer watched
Video shows a North Davis Fire District firefighter rescuing a dog from the freezing water
Farmington Hills leaders have increased firefighter staffing and hope to improve response times
FBI agents confirmed the indentity of West Valley Fire Rescue Fire Chief Frank Dahlquist by talking with his former colleagues
Alexis Wilcox said it was 4-year-old Rowan’s idea to bring lunch to Grand Haven Township firefighters
Chicago Firefighter Omotayo Kassim was granted pretrial release in a detention hearing over a shooting after a vehicle collision
A two-alarm fire destroyed the Los Angeles County church that had collected Christmas toys for local children
Firefighters believe a lighter was near the tree inside the Winston-Salem trailer