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Fire Hydrant

From its wooden beginnings to modern ‘smart’ systems, the fire hydrant is a storied icon that represents the evolution of the fire service
North Collier Fire District Firefighter Susana Webb was struck when the hydrant broke loose
A lack of hydrants and an apparatus problem hindered firefighting efforts in East Windsor
Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company alleges Columbia officials were negligent in inspecting, maintaining the hydrants
Water supply impacts interior ops, exposure protection, the public’s view of the fire department, and liability concerns
The program asks citizens to help the Crookston Fire Department by claiming responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall
The ink-colored structures indicate a low water volume area
Firefighters had to continuously retrieve water from a nearby resort and could only fight the blaze for a few minutes at a time
Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics across the country brave freezing temperatures, face record call volumes and remind community members to stay safe in the cold
Blocked hydrant incident highlights differences between public opinion and fire service best practices
A video showing the illegally parked vehicle with the hose running through it was posted on Facebook
Officials said firefighters pumped water from the Chesapeake Bay due to there being no fire hydrants in the area
For doing their part to help the town, the “Hydrant Heroes” get a ride to school in a fire truck
The fire chiefs explain how void spaces created during remodeling, aging timber and bricked over windows can pose challenges for firefighters
Firefighters took defensive measures, attacking the two-alarm fire from the outside due to the threat from the ammunition in a gun safe
The new connections will allow firefighter to more quickly attach hoses to hydrants and standardizes connections among communities
Firefighters from 17 neighboring jurisdictions responded to the fire
A back-to-basics drill to ensure crews know how to secure water from various sources
The Ector County Utility District is adding security features to fire hydrants in West Odessa to maintain system integrity and curb water theft
The valve for the hydrants at the complex had been shut off, preventing crews from using any of the property’s hydrants
Water issues force city officials to consider adding additional fire hydrants
Gaston County firefighters are reminding drivers to be aware of first responders who will be on the road working to update existing fire hydrants
Several people commented to ask why the firefighters couldn’t have simply gone over or under the car
It was so cold in Chicago that a 129-year-old record was broken and fire hydrants froze, causing problems for firefighters trying to put out a growing blaze
Baltimore County Fire Department spokesperson Tim Rostkowski said it was the first time in his career he had heard of two fire hydrants simultaneously freezing up
Over the last two years, the app has been adopted by fire departments in California, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Colorado, Virginia and many more
Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters posted a photo on Facebook reminding the public that it is illegal to park in front of a fire hydrant