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Labor Issues

The labor issues topic brings together a range of relevant news, articles and resources for firefighters and departments. Check out developments from the IAFF and the IAFC, as well as the latest legal and budgetary issues facing departments. Learn to identify and manage the greatest stresses on your workforce, improve morale and avoid professional missteps.

Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn accused FFs of organizing a sickout
The Columbia River Fire District and the firefighters’ union must rework salaries and wage scale information
Central County Fire and Rescue Firefighter David Horning was fired two years before his retirement while he was pursuing a light-duty assignment
Officials say Firefighter Ron Cato fails to qualify for assistance due to the minimum full-time service requirment
The IAFC president – the “chief of chiefs” – surrounds himself with passionate people who support the mission and the organization
Designers of the NYC memorial wanted to show a connection with labor issues, workplace protections
The temporary pay raise created in 2021 for Department of the Interior firefighters is scheduled to end on Sept. 30
Gov. Ron DeSantis’ tourism board had objected to the perks because they exclusively benefited Disney
Annual starting pay for firefighters would increase to $65,000, up from $55,000. It also promised hiring up to three dozen firefighters and paramedics
Joe Kerr served with the Orange County Fire Authority and Orange County Fire Department for over 30 years
Herders have been paid a minimum salary to be on-call 24/7, available for overtime, but new regulations have raised the minimum
80% of the Reedy Creek Fire Department’s 185 staff members signed off on the deal, paving the way for a significant bump in starting pay and benefits
The attorney for embattled Saratoga Springs Fire Chief Joseph Dolan calls the request part of a political hit job
Scott Martin, an Air Force veteran who worked at the Buffalo Fire Department for 12 years, said he uses cannabis to treat PTSD and pain
Dept. of Public Safety prepares to “hold people accountable” to meet COVID-19 vaccination deadline