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American Flag

Amarillo firefighters noticed the fallen flag and took care of it right away
Remember, the firefighters don’t own the apparatus, so it probably comes down to whether labor and management have a good relationship
Assigning meaning to each fold during a firefighter funeral flag-folding ceremony
Chief Goldfeder explains his thoughts on the thin red line flags, which have become a controversial symbol of public safety support in recent months.
South Fulton Fire Capt. Andrea Hall recited the Pledge of Allegiance in both English and American Sign Language
Understanding the origin, meaning and controversy related to the thin red line flags
Middletown Professional Firefighters Local 1073 has received multiple offers from across the country to replace the flag after their post was shared 10,000 times
School officials determined that the two students, both sons of first responders, were not politically motivated
The high school football players said they wanted to honor firefighters and police on the anniversary of 9/11 but had not received permission
Police say Andre Narbonne, 40, severed the flagpole at the memorial for five firefighters from Washingtonville who died on 9/11, as well as two other flagpoles
Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson said the controversy partly contributed to his decision to retire, effective immediately
Demonstrators in Newton delivered the petition to the mayor’s office, asking that the Firefighter Remembrance Flag be put back up
The move follows a weeklong conflict between the town of Hingham and the fire department over the display of the flags
A citizen complaint about the flags prompted Hingham’s police and fire chiefs to ask for the flags’ removal
Town Administrator Tom Mayo expects the flags that fly atop fire trucks to be removed within a couple of days
Reviewing firefighters’ perspectives on the use of thin line flags in public safety, particularly as the debate over their usage and meaning continues to grow
Two fire apparatus displaying the flag drove by the rally supporting police officers on Tuesday
The town’s chiefs said they appreciate the firefighters’ support of fellow first responders, but the flags now can be seen as offensive
An 18-year-old and two juveniles will be charged in the thefts of a firefighter memorial flag and American flag from the Hanover Township Fire Department
The EMT at Ruidoso Downs Race Track in New Mexico was told to take down a thin red line flag, thin blue line flag and half-U.S., half-Confederate flag that were on his vehicle
Three American flags, a firefighter memorial flag and a POW/MIA flag were stolen in a string of thefts affecting two fire departments and a high school
Eman Mubarak Brown, 32, faces charges related to malicious injury to real property and attempts to burn
A new design was presented to Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller in a request to reinstate the commemorative flag
Community members held a rally Monday to protest the mayor’s order to remove all flags outside city buildings except the U.S. and city flags