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Mo. city moves to stop reinstatement of firefighter involved in fatal crash following protest

Three people were killed when a Kansas City fire engine struck a vehicle and crashed into a building

By Bill Carey

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The fate of a Kansas City, Missouri, firefighter is now being determined by a judge.

City officials filed a motion on April 23 seeking to prevent the rehiring of Firefighter Dominic Biscari, who was found responsible for a fatal crash in December 2021, KCTV reported.

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The city’s move comes after protesters gathered on April 22 to call for justice and enhanced safety protocols to avert similar future incidents.

The city claims the firefighter’s union arbitrator overstepped their authority by reinstating Biscari and awarding him back pay. He pleaded guilty to a crash that resulted in three fatalities, serving three years of probation under a plea deal.

While driving a fire engine, Biscari was reportedly going 51 mph in a 35 mph zone, running a red light with lights and sirens activated.

This led to a collision with another vehicle and a building, which caused the deaths of Jennifer San Nicholas, Michael J. Elwood and Tami Knight. The crash caused a building to collapse partially.

The arbitrator ruled to remove the accident from Biscari’s record, ordered the city to pay the union’s legal fees and suspended Biscari for three days, one for each life lost.

The city contends that it should not be compelled to provide back pay, reinstate employment or cover the union’s legal fees, arguing that the arbitrator exceeded his authority.

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