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Mo. protesters oppose firefighter’s return to work after fatal crash

Protesters call for a Kansas City firefighter to be banned from driving fire apparatus

Editor’s Note:
Kansas City officials filed a motion on April 23 seeking to prevent the rehiring of Firefighter Dominic Biscari, who was found responsible for a fatal crash in December 2021.

By Bill Carey

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three years following a deadly fire truck collision in Kansas City, protesters are calling for justice and enhanced safety protocols to avert similar future incidents.

The protesters gathered on April 22 and displayed signs bearing images of the victims: Tami Knight, Michael Elwood and Jennifer San Nicolas. The three were killed in the Dec. 2021 crash, FOX4KC reported.

Firefighter Dominic Biscari was driving a fire engine when it struck a vehicle at the intersection of Westport Road and Broadway Boulevard. The force of the crash propelled the vehicles, causing them to hit a pedestrian before crashing into a building.

Court documents say Biscari ran a red light with lights and sirens still on, going 16 miles over the speed limit. The crew had been given instructions not to respond to the call a short time before.

Biscari entered an Alford plea and was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The protesters are demanding that Biscari be permanently prohibited from operating a fire truck. Additionally, they are urging the city to equip traffic lights with optical sensors.

Speeding in the fire apparatus
Fire apparatus are powerful machines and must be operated responsibly and with “due regard” for the safety of the public