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Plane Fire

The plane did not collide with any other vehicles when it crashed, but an unoccupied vehicle nearby caught fire as a result of the crash
Rocco Chierichella and some Spirit crewmembers doused the overhead compartment with water and fire extinguisher spray
San Diego firefighters said an exterior laptop battery pack caught fire in the cabin; four people were hospitalized after the flight was evacuated
Dallas Fire-Rescue crews responded to the aircraft fire and said no one on the ground was injured
Firefighters put out the flames and rescued the trapped and injured people; the five survivors were transported to hospitals
The five-engine strike team was driving from one wildfire to another when they witnessed a large fireball explosion in the sky near the airport
Foley Fire Chief Joey Darby said responders encountered a “large volume of fire” with a home and several cars engulfed in flames
Two firefighters were aboard the plane along with eight other passengers and three crewmembers
Five people on board were taken to Hartford Hospital and one person on the ground was also injured and transported to the hospital
A single-engine Beechcraft Sierra plane took off from the runway, had a mechanical issue and turned around in an attempt to land when it crashed
Officials credited the quick response by area EMS and firefighters for helping the passengers and mitigating any potential environmental problems with fuel runoff
The grant is funded by the Federal Aviation Trust Fund, which uses taxes collected from airline tickets to support U.S. airline capital and operational costs
A two-story house burst into flames after being hit by the plane’s main cabin and one its engines, with the second engine landing in the road
It appeared the pilot tried to land the plane in the open space of the schoolyard and adjacent park, the chief said
Fire Captain John Meffert jumped into action to save Frank and Janan Pisano after their plane hit his car