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Fire Attack

The fire attack topic is all about fireground operations, from how firefighters assess and approach a working fire to the high-level command strategies to effectively manage the scene and the tactics they use to knock it down. Use this page to find tips on fire attack training, hoseline deployment and suppression operations for different structure types, plus the latest fire attack-focused research. News coverage highlights where fire attack operations are used in a variety of incidents, from the bread-and-butter single-family dwelling fire to a massive commercial fire.

Major responses, award and honors, conflicts overseas, devastating wildfires and e-Bike blazes made headlines
One person was injured during the two-alarm fire in the 19-story condominium
Fire on all floors of a three-decker extended into another home and displaced 29 occupants
The visit comes after firefighters responded to fires across Maui, Oahu and Hawaii island for a week, despite hopes that the rainy season would tame the flames
“During the moment, we didn’t notice that we were all females,” Firefighter Stover said. “We just looked at each other as our crew for the night”
Due to the interior collapse, a mayday was declared and all firefighters were accounted for, D.C. Fire said
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department flight crew, which teams with a CAL FIRE crew, must undergo several months of intense training
DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department was called to extinguish the fire with more specialized equipment
Fergus Falls firefighters were assisted by mutual aid departments in protecting the wooden main elevator
Master the operating pressures, flow rates and features associated with each nozzle type
Vernon firefighters trained on search, hoselines and ventilation at a restaurant before demolition
The expanding wildland-urban interface means tree fires pose an even greater risk to city and residential fire crews
Fort Lauderdale firefighters faced fire showing from a home and an injured person
Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace said one firefighter died and four others suffered burns of varying degrees
Firefighters in Enfield ran an aggressive attack on a house fire that displaced nearly a dozen occupants