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The flashover topic includes articles, columns and videos about what a flashover fire is and how to stay safe on scene if one occurs.

Bloomfield police checking on the well-being of a person found a working house fire
A Williamsport firefighter can be seen diving out a window with part of his PPE on fire
A Grand Rapids firefighter was burned while trying to rescue a person reportedly inside
Another firefighter was able to remove the injured firefighter, who received immediate care by EMS personnel at the scene
FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel Sheridan shares the unforgettable close calls that have given him pause
During an evacuation, there was a flashover or collapse and one firefighter fell down a flight of stairs, according to Springfield Assistant Chief Matthew Smith
With black, turbulent smoke chugging around them, crews assist a firefighter going head first out a broken window
4 were blown off a porch in a possible flashover, Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt said
Manchester Captain Steve DesRuisseaux suffered second- and third-degree burns to more than one-third of his body in a flashover
Boston and Quincy FFs stopped by the rink where Manchester Capt. Steve DesRuisseaux’s son, Jack, was playing in a game
The firefighter was working to help a woman from a balcony when a flash fire ignited and blew him back, causing him to fall and impale his leg on a spiked fence
Officials said the fire flashed over when firefighter opened the garage door
Video shows one of the firefighters leaping from the roof of the building to another building to escape
One of the Indio firefighters is in critical condition and another is in serious condition
Video shows moment of blast that injured 11 LAFD firefighters battling a one-story commercial building fire near downtown’s Skid Row