What is your policy on firefighters saving pets?

Check it out and add your own thoughts in the comments

A question posted recently on Quora asked, "What is the policy on firefighters saving pets?" Firefighter Engineer Zac Boyd gave his opinion on the topic below. Check it out and add your own thoughts in the comments. 

In the context of a burning building we will generally enable a pet to make their own escape, or grab them if it does not expose any humans to additional risk of injury or death.  The mentality is that we risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little.  Unfortunately for Spot, Rover, or Fido as opposed to a child, if it would endanger a firefighter to save him it is not something that should be done. Ethically, one could debate this hierarchy of life concept but company and chief officers can be held criminally responsible for unnecessarily risking the well being of their subordinates.

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