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Bystander in motorized wheelchair attacks Seattle firefighters on medical call

While tending to a patient on scene, Seattle firefighters were attacked by a double amputee who tried to intentionally slam into them with his motorized wheelchair

By EMS1 Staff

SEATTLE — As members of the Seattle Fire Department were treating a patient for a medical call, a bystander attempted to slam into them with his motorized wheelchair, KOMO News reported.

The suspect, a double amputee, was reportedly combative and belligerent with law enforcement after firefighters requested police back-up, prompting officers to place a spit sock over the man’s head and later handcuff him to the wheelchair, but he was able to shake himself loose.

Eventually, police requested an ambulance with a gurney to take the man into custody.

“It’s an absolute shame,” said Michael Cole, who witnessed the arrest. “I think that firefighters should be able to do their work in peace and not be assaulted. Any assault against a firefighter is an assault against all of us.”