Woman arrested for assaulting firefighters on scene

An officer found several firefighters at the scene wrestling with and trying to control Kate Lynn Blatt, who refused to calm down and stop resisting

By Frank Andruscavage
Republican & Herald

POTTSVILLE, Pa. — A Pottsville woman was jailed after allegedly assaulting Pottsville firefighters at the scene of an incident on Dec. 23.

Pottsville police Patrolman Paul Olson charged Kate Lynn Blatt, 36, of 343 Nichols St., with two felony counts of aggravated assault, three misdemeanor counts of simple assault and one misdemeanor count each of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Blatt was arraigned by on-call Magisterial District Judge Anthony J. Kilker, Shenandoah, and committed to Schuylkill County Prison unable to post $25,000 straight cash bail.

The woman was subsequently released four days later, on Dec. 27, after having her bail posted by a bail bondsman, count records show.

Olson charged Blatt with an incident in the 400 block of Claude A. Lord Blvd., Route 61, around 4:25 p.m., where Pottsville firefighters were called to extinguish a small fire that was set inside a dilapidated garage by a homeless man who was subsequently arrested.

The garage, Olson said, is part of the Nichols Street property owned by Blatt.

Olson said he found several firefighters at the scene wrestling with and trying to control Blatt, who refused to calm down and stop resisting.

Olson said Blatt was told a Taser weapon may be used if she continued to resist but the woman was finally taken into custody by police and firefighters who had to use “substantial force” to get her secured.

Olson said the woman’s resistance put both police and firefighters at risk of injury.

After Blatt was secured, Olson said, Pottsville Fire Department Duty Chief James Misstishin explained that while crews were dealing with the fire, Blatt appeared and was told the garage had to be secured to prevent any further such incidents dealing with homeless people starting fires.

Olson said Blatt became angry and an argument ensued, at which time firefighters Robert Dusel and William Ebert exited the garage.

Blatt became very angry and threatened to “knock out” Misstishin but Dusel stepped in front telling the woman not to assault anyone.

Olson said Blatt then swung at Dusel with a closed fist, hitting him in the forehead causing visible injuries and bleeding.

Ebert intervened, attempting to stop the altercation, but Blatt also struck him causing injuries to his face and knocking his glasses off, Olson said.

Dusel, Ebert and Misstishin, with the assistance of other firefighters, tried to control Blatt until police arrived but she continued trying to assault them with closed fists, Olson said.

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