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Body Armor

Recent violent events have pushed Wake County officials to buy additional protection for first responders
The panelists answer attendee questions related to NFPA 3000, PPE, grants, armed firefighters, RTFs, working with law enforcement, and more
“We try to be prepared for everything, and this is just another piece of that,” Battalion Chief Ryan Miller said
The decision was spurred by a “changing landscape” and more calls that increase the possibility of Portland FFs being involved with aggressive patients and bystanders
The role of fire and EMS personnel is changing and this extra layer of protection can save lives
The nonprofit has set a goal of $130,000 to go toward outfitting every city firefighter with body armor and helmets
As mass violence incidents grow in scale and frequency, firefighters face difficult questions related to protection efforts
Why ballistic protection is now a necessity, plus 5 steps for how departments can add body armor to their equipment cache
The Wilmington Fire Department plans to buy 60 vests for firefighter-EMTs responding to shooting or stabbing incidents
The “Invest in Vests” fundraiser raised enough money to buy 92 vests for firefighters, EMS personnel and police
Wheeling Hospital donated 12 vests worth about $9,000 to the Wheeling Fire Department
The purchase of the vests comes after the Jeannette Fire Department responded to two fatal shootings in two months
Assessing levels of protection, situations in which to don body armor, and active shooter policies and procedures