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Chemical Fire

The emergence of unconventional chemical threats
A fund created by the measure would give first responders financial resources to replace equipment, pay workers overtime and address other urgent costs
The incident in Ohio serves as a reminder for all first responders to both train and coordinate early and often with community partners
One firefighter suffering from exhaustion was transported to a hospital
More than 300 people were injured, and two firefighters are missing
Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick said firefighters who entered the Nox-Crete building found a bigger fire than they anticipated, forcing them to retreat
“Certainly, the fertilizer plant fire is a wake-up call,” Mike Causey said after fire that led thousands to evacuate
Their relatives have different ideas about what actually happened, but they hope further review by law enforcement will lead to answers
While the recently-released report sheds new light on the incident, DOJ officials said it did not exonerate the five people sentenced to prison
Thousands of people were evacuated due to a large volume of ammonium nitrate at the Winston Weaver Company
“We owe them a debt beyond anything my words can express,” said Passaic Mayor Hector Lora. “We owe them this city”
Fort Atkinson Fire Chief Daryl Rausch said crews will let the rest of the building and its contents burn out overnight
A chemical reaction to peroxide and ammonia injured a dozen Cambridge firefighters
Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson, other area FD leaders seeking reimbursement from chemical company following the massive June 14 industrial blaze
Louisiana-based U.S. Fire Pumps dug a trench around the facility and installed absorbent booms along the river to prevent residual material from escaping into the village’s source of drinking water