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3 cars of a 7-car Amtrak train derailed after colliding with a truck in Ventura County
Federal regulators propose every railroad, nearly 600, push out details on chemicals carried to every first responder near a derailment
Bessemer FD received $174,699 to cover the costs of lost hose, turnout gear, nozzles and other items
A fund created by the measure would give first responders financial resources to replace equipment, pay workers overtime and address other urgent costs
A passenger from the Missouri Amtrak derailment shares details of the response involving nearly 20 local and state agencies
Timmy Brodigan has spent over a month in the hospital since the derailment to regain movement in his body after becoming paralyzed
Polk County Fire Rescue officials said a crew returning from a medical call saw that the train had derailed
Firefighters at the scene were looking for potential hazards; at least two buildings were damaged
Atlanta Fire Rescue officials said the man inside the home was conscious and talking when taken to the hospital
Officials said that there were no fatalities, but four children were taken to hospital, one of them by a helicopter
Fire officials said they plan to let the burning propane dissipate on its own, citing that it’s safer than trying to extinguish it
Officials said some of the train cars were filled with flammable liquid asphalt; no injuries were reported
The vehicle is specially designed for oil tanker derailments, explosions, leaks and potential terrorist acts
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the emergency braking system on the train triggered, but it was unclear why
The bill says that a railroad must, within one hour of confirmation of a spill, provide a qualified company employee to advise the state on-scene coordinator
At least 27 cars derailed, including the burning tanks that officials believe were loaded with ethanol
Firefighters and hazardous-materials teams responded to a minor leak of sulfuric acid from one of the cars
Some people were carried away on stretchers, while others sat outside the train holding ice packs to their heads
A rail official said two coaches toppled off a bridge and fell into a dry canal bed
Fire Brigade station manager Joe Kenny said firefighters have released a number of people and two remain trapped
Rail officials say the train had been carrying 1,300 passengers instead of the usual 600
The judge told CSX and Union Tank Car that the state’s “Policeman and Fireman Rule” does not allow companies to harm responders without financial consequence
Transportation officials and railroad representatives have touted the rules as a key piece of their efforts to stave off future disasters, following a string of fiery derailments and major spills
Four of the 16 derailed tank cars burned until firefighters brought the fire under control; track failure likely cause
The train hauling fracking sand derailed near an elementary school
One of about 10 rail cars that derailed was leaking sodium hydroxide, also known as corrosive lye
More than 30 passengers were sent to hospitals when the train derailed; none of the injuries were considered life-threatening
The train was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago when five cars derailed; the passengers were taken to hospitals for treatment