Code 3 Podcast: Flowing water while advancing

Jonathan Brumley and Scott Orr discuss whether to flow water while advancing a charged hoseline

Flowing water while advancing the line – some departments always do it; some don’t. There’s pretty good evidence to support the assertion that flowing water while advancing is safer than dragging an uncharged line into a burning structure.

Studies support water on the ceiling to reduce super-heated gases and cool it down. And some say you can even change the fire’s flow path with a handline. We get into these heated issues and more on this episode of the Code 3 Podcast, which features Jonathan Brumley. Brumley is a firefighter with the Denver Fire Department, having just left the Houston Fire Department. Since 2009, Brumley has worked as both a paid and volunteer firefighter. He’s also an instructor and is the force behind The Fire Fight blog.

Listen to "Flowing While Advancing with Jonathan Brumley" on Spreaker.

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