Man charged with assault on firefighter, battery on cop

The 71-year-old man threatened to kill the responding firefighters and medics and also tried to punch a firefighter

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A 71-year-old man was charged with assault on a firefighter and battery on a police officer after a medical call to his residence.

NBC 2 reported that Aubry Adair became violent with fire department and EMS personnel and refused treatment after they responded to the call. Police said Adair threatened to kill the medics and firefighters. He also tried to punch a firefighter before a police officer arrived.

Adair was taken to a hospital, where he became combative again toward a police officer.

"You might want to draw your gun, 'cause you're gonna need it," he told the officer.

He attempted to punch and kick a nurse and later kicked an officer before a Taser was used.

Police said Adair had a blood-alcohol level of .247. He was transported to a jail on Wednesday and was released on bond with a scheduled court appearance on November 23.

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