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Detroit firefighters claim new boots unsafe

The boots, they say, were expensive but low quality

DETROIT — Detroit firefighters say they are worried about the new boots purchased by their department.

The boots are fire certified, but they are not the ones that firefighters agreed to buy this past summer, according to FOX 2 Detroit.

Firefighters complain that they are ill-fitting, lack support, and nails sometimes go through the soles.

This summer, Detroit had the option of going with a bid as low $106 per pair and a high bid of $118 per pair. The city decided to go with the higher bid, possibly because that bid came from a Detroit-based contractor, which can charge more due to a city ordinance. That was designed to help Detroit businesses.

Had the city gone with the lower bid, 200 more pairs could have been purchased.

FOX 2 tried to speak with the fire commissioner and the mayor’s chief procurement officer, but was no calls were returned.

The Detroit Fire Department was previously embroiled in another spending controversy when firefighters complained there wasn’t basic necessities in the firehouse like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.