Video: Firefighters rescue man trapped in 6-car pileup

The man miraculously survived and was able to use his arms and legs

NEW YORK — Firefighters extricated a man trapped in a six-car pileup on an expressway Thursday morning.

Footage from the scene shows a flatbed truck, a silver SUV, a second hauling truck and badly crumpled red Toyota, NBC New York reported. The SUV was piled on top of the Toyota, which was also pinned between the two trucks. Two other vehicles were also involved.

"When I looked at this mangled car, I just shook my head and I said I can't believe that this guy is alive and speaking," said FDNY Battalion Chief Mark Ford said.

Dozens of firefighters worked to extricate the man in the badly damaged Toyota.

"Normally, when you see cars like this, they're usually fatalities," said FDNY Lt. Pat Mitchell.

In the video, the man stands up with the help of firefighters. As he's being strapped to the board, he can be seen moving his arms and legs. 

"He just kept saying, 'Please get me out of here, please get me out of here'," Mitchell said.

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