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9 Texas high-rises without sprinklers after fatal fire

The city must decide if a requirement should be put into place for grandfathered high-rises to be retrofitted with sprinklers

San Antonio Express-News

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The San Antonio Fire Department has identified nine residential high-rises in the city that lack sprinkler systems, including five that house mostly senior citizens.

In the hope of preventing another Wedgwood tragedy — the December fire in Castle Hills that killed five elderly residents of that high-rise — officials have begun a “feasibility study” to look into adding sprinklers to the nine buildings.

The study will take about three to six months and will include a dialogue with architects, government entities and others. The goal is to decide if San Antonio should require these “grandfathered” high-rises to retroft with sprinklers — as other cities have done in the wake of fatal fires.

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