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Dash cam: BMW driver intentionally blocks ambulance on highway

The driver swerves and weaves across lanes into the ambulance’s path; the driver confronted the ambulance in the middle of the road

RUSSIA — Shocking dash cam footage revealed a BMW driver intentionally blocking the path of an ambulance as it headed down a highway. reported that the footage was taken from the dashboard of the ambulance, capturing the moment the driver swerved into the ambulance’s path and slammed on the brakes. The driver continued to weave across lanes to prevent the ambulance from transporting an elderly patient.

The ambulance tries to pull away in a different lane, but the BMW driver blocks its path again. Eventually, the driver stops his car and the ambulance uses its siren. The driver then steps out of his car and starts yelling at the ambulance and using obscene hand gestures.

“You are not allowed to drive on the left lane,” he told the EMS provider.

In Russia, the left lane is used only for passing. However, this rule does not apply to emergency vehicles.

This is the second time in recent weeks a BMW driver has held up an ambulance on Russian roads.