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Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System

Near Miss is an integrated learning environment that helps fire department personnel turn shared lessons learned into actions that are applied. Managed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the program provides a forum for firefighters and EMS personnel to share their near-miss experiences in the field in a voluntary, confidential, non-punitive and secure way. They can also find training resources, gleaned from the collected real-world experiences, that help responders apply lessons learned and leading safety practices in their own departments.

Focusing on margin gives us a great way to both monitor risk – and how we respond to it
A Near-Miss report details the circumstances in which four first responders experienced CO poisoning
Five reports capture firefighters’ life-or-death moments on the incident scene
CancerDogs screening detects cancer missed during annual physical and dermatologist visit
Violence against first responders requires constant vigilance on the scene
Near Miss With IAFC
Wildland/urban interface hazards and how to train for them
Near-Miss Report underscores the dangers of distracted or dangerous driving on all types of roadways
Near Miss With IAFC
Five Near-Miss reports highlight unique danger present during vehicle fires
More firefighter near-miss reports are expected from these facilities with unique hazards to employees and firefighters
Eliminating latent factors and heightening situational awareness can prevent the predictably unpredictable firefighter injury or death