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July 2021: Training Day Lesson Plan

Let’s do this: MCIs, hose stretch, RIT, size-up and more

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Welcome to FireRescue1 Training Day, providing company officers training ideas, resources and a downloadable schedule to help keep crews focused and interested on both bread-and-butter training evolutions and more varied and complex skillset development.

Your July 2021 lesson plan offers training ideas focused on high-risk incidents, fundamental fireground operations, survival skills, command and more. Incorporate the supplied resources into weekly training, engage crews in training-focused discussions, and assign hands-on activities to keep crews busy.


The objectives of this training plan:

  • Increase knowledge and skills related to active shooter events, hoseline stretches, rapid-intervention teams, size-up, knots and heat emergencies.
  • Raise proficiency among crewmembers, as well as awareness of safe operations during training and real-world tactics; and
  • Encourage discussion and engagement among members.

Focus areas

Training schedule

Download the training calendar so you can print it up, tack it on the big board at the station or distribute it among crewmembers so they know what training to expect for the month.

Week 1: MCI: Active-shooter events

Mass-casualty incidents, including active-shooter events, present significant risk for all first responders, including firefighters. Use the following articles and video as the basis for discussion questions among fellow crewmembers.

Training resources

Week 2: Fundamentals: hose stretch

Hoseline stretch is a high-frequency fireground operation that all members must be comfortable completing. Review the following articles, and watch the five methods of deploying a hoseline before initiating training exercises with your crew.

Training resources

Watch and discuss

Week 3: survival skills: Rapid intervention teams

No firefighter wants to experience a firefighter down event, but all must be prepared for one. Further, while some may see the rapid-intervention assignment as standing around, the team plays an essential role, ensuring that a plan is in place if a firefighter does need help interior.

Review the following article and videos before engaging members in an in-depth discussion of mayday techniques. Then, set aside some time to get hands-on with a bailout prop.

Training resources

In the news

Ask yourself

  • Do you have a RIT plan that could be executed smoothly, without crewmember panic?
  • Do your members take the role and responsibilities seriously?

Week 4: incident command: Size-up

Choose the topic that makes most sense for your response area, then dive into the training resources and discussion questions to help expand your knowledge of the topic.

Training resources

Special coverage series

Week 5: Crew choice: knots or heat emergencies

Training resources: Knots

Now: Time to test yourself

Training resources: Heat emergencies

In the news

Check the last week of every month for the next Training Day schedule and resources.