Top 5 firefighting videos of November 2016

The most-viewed clips of November included a Mannequin Challenge and testing out whether firefighters float or sink

By FireRescue1 Staff

The top videos of November included several humorous and educational clips. The Houston Fire Department participated in the viral Mannequin Trend, as crew froze in time right before heading out for a call. One firefighter put to test the question of whether firefighters float or sink with their PPE gear on. Other top videos included tips on making a foricble entry, conducting a 360-degree survery of a scene and how to stay stafe during construction fire calls. Enjoy!

Houston Fire Department completes Mannequin Challenge

Houston firefighters took park in the Mannequin Challenge.

Do firefighters float or sink?

Testing the myth that a firefighter will actually float in water despite the additional weight of full turnout gear and SCBA.

Forcible Entry: Forcing the Door

FDNY Eric Geiger teaches students the basics of forcible entry.

Reality Training: The 360-degree survey

It's a company officer's primary responsibility to survey the scene for safety conditions and hazards.

Reality Training: Fire and the hazards of tilt-up construction

Chief Wylie discusses how poured in place tilt-up construction poses unique hazards for firefighters.

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