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Firefighting Equipment

82% of U.S. fire departments are all or mostly volunteer and, often, their funding depends on people stepping up to help
Call volume has increased as Atlanta firefighters are forced to deal with equipment, staffing shortages
Fire Chief Rod Smith said orders have already been placed, taking up to three years to receive
How to shift fire department mindset to embrace innovation without losing tradition
Turnout gear worn in the Brunswick plant fire has been rendered useless due to the chemicals involved
The Rockport Rotary Club gave the fire department a DJI thermal drone after seeing a privately owned drone used during a wildfire
“When Michael died, I was told his hose never got water in that awful fire,” said Kathy Crosby-Bell, mother of Firefighter Michael Kennedy
Jan. 23, 2005, marked the first time since 1918 that FDNY members had died in separate calls on the same day
Some departments have not received a denial letter, nor have they received an award. How should they proceed for their 2022 AFG application?
If the petitions are verified, the City Council at its next meeting would have to schedule a special election within 30 days for voters to decide whether to keep or repeal each ordinance
Butte-Silver Bow Fire Chief Zach Osborne says the department is facing staffing challenges, deteriorating equipment and a fast-growing call volume
The engineer serves several roles, from equipment checks to throwing ladders, medic assists and more
MagneGrip’s new PRO Nozzle diesel exhaust source capture system streamlines the extraction hose connection process
Rosenbauer provides aerials that are built to last with controls that are easy to use for enhanced safety and effectiveness on the fireground