Firefighters express frustration after vehicles drive over hose at scene

Moores Mill Fire Department Capt. Zachary Taylor said the first car got stuck on top of the hose, and the second slid over it

By FireRescue1 Staff

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A fire department expressed its frustration after several vehicles drove over a fire hose at the scene of a blaze.

WHNT 19 reported that the Moores Mill Fire Department responded to a blaze that was located far off the road, and were faced with several vehicles driving over the hose laid out on the street.

"While we were trying to lay out the hose we had cars going around our emergency vehicles running over our hoses," Capt. Zachary Taylor said.

Taylor said the first car actually became stuck on top of the hose.

"It got tangled up underneath the car. So, we had to actually, luckily there was a bystander by that had a jack and was able to get it out from underneath the car," he said.

Taylor added that another car “kind of slid” on the hose, which can “tear it or damage it.”

"Without the water, I mean, they could die or be very seriously injured," Taylor said about the victims of the blaze.

The fire department said they will get the insurance information of a driver that runs over a hose and send them a bill.



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