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Video: Calif. FFs respond to several boats burning in marina

At least one person was rescued as three boats were burning at a South San Francisco marina


South San Francisco Fire Department/Facebook

By Amy Graff

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — One person was injured on Wednesday morning when multiple boats caught fire at the Oyster Cove Marina in South San Francisco on Wednesday morning, officials said.

An individual was on one of the boats when a fire started and jumped into the water before being rescued by firefighters, South San Francisco Fire Department Deputy Chief Matt Samson said. The injuries were minor, Samson said. Samson said three boats were fully involved in the fire, and it’s unclear whether one fire started that spread to other boats or whether there were three separate fires on each of the boats.

“Everything is under investigation,” he said. “We’re trying to interview the folks on board to determine what happened.”

The fires were first reported at 7:20 a.m., and when SFGATE spoke with Samson at 9 a.m. they were fully contained.

Oyster Cove Marina is located near Highway 101 in South San Francisco, near Brisbane. Multiple agencies responded to the blazes, the fire department said on social media.