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At last, emergency responders can get a foot up on comfort
From fit and comfort to protection from the elements, here are key features to look for
Comfortable and durable structural firefighting boots are essential to avoid foot pain after a long shift.
StationWear and footwear from LION along with Blackinton badges combine the best in form and function
Take our 6-question quiz to gauge whether your boots need replacement
These iconic firefighter boots pay homage to the firefighting tradition and support public safety heroes
Firefighters are tactical athletes, so they need footwear options that support them well
Follow NFPA standards and check the overlap of PPE ensemble interfaces to ensure you are protected from contamination and thermal injury
Typically, career firefighters would use their uniform allowance to buy the boots, and volunteers would have to buy the boots themselves
Similar to injuries seen in skiers, firefighter footwear has caused back, knee and hip injuries
The Krios Series construction absorbs 90 percent less water than non-waterproof boots
The boot, which withstands 500 degree temperatures for up to 5 minutes, gives firefighters comfort and protection
Before you buy your next pair of station boots, understand the standards and different features – your feet will thank you