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Gas Explosion

Approximately 3,000 people gathered to remember Sterling Firefighter Trevor Brown
Investigators are still unclear how the propane ignited; the blast killed Sterling Firefighter Trevor Brown
The explosion killed Sterling Firefighter Trevor Brown and injured 10 others
A house explosion and a semi-truck blast resulted in the death of one firefighter and at least 18 injured between the two scenes
Loudoun County Fire Rescue identified the fallen firefighter as Trevor Brown of the Sterling Volunteer Fire Company
Firefighters in Loudoun County were investigating a gas leak when the house they were inside exploded
Although natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are extremely safe, they present distinct challenges which traditional firefighter training does not address
Video from the dash cam of the first engine on scene captured the moment the second of two explosions happened, D.C. fire officials said
Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis said no one else is believed to be inside the Sandman Signature Hotel
Authorities believe a gas leak caused the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth
How to address real-world scenarios
A gas explosion collapsed part of a multi-family structure in Wappingers Falls
Two firefighters were injured when an explosion leveled one home and damaged several others
Natural gas was the suspected cause of the blast, the Denver Fire Department said
First responders in Plum rescued people trapped under debris after the blast damaged at least 12 homes
Residents reported an explosion in the Newark Housing Authority building that led to the collapse
Two incidents, decades apart, highlight the risks of operating near this dangerous compound
Firefighters must ensure that they have and properly maintain air monitoring equipment to quickly identify dangerous environments
More than 100 firefighters and other rescue personnel responded to the scene of a partial building collapse, heavy fire conditions and multiple injuries
Firefighters must remain vigilant at explosion response scenes, particularly when the blast source has yet to be identified
Fire Chief Bryan Tyner said early indications suggest gasoline in sewer system caught fire and blew out the manholes
Pressurized vessels often necessitate taking a defensive position until the heat source is removed
Interim Fire Rescue Chief Tim “TD” Hardy said the report is part of a series of evaluations meant to prevent similar incidents
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services Chief Scott Goldstein said that a maintenance worker cut a gas line instead of a waste pipe
The suit against the apartment complex, its management companies and Atmos Energy claims negligence led to the explosion
Thousands of people were evacuated due to a large volume of ammonium nitrate at the Winston Weaver Company
Investigators believe Phillip Dankins shot into an apartment and damaged a gas line, causing the blast
The Farmington, Maine, firefighters and Capt. Michael Bell’s estate had filed a lawsuit against two companies linked to the 2019 LEAP building explosion